Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Good Brew is Hard to Find

In my last post, I dusted off the intro from the Tavern Wench Journal choose-your-own-adventure story, and I sort of got caught up in reading it. Turns out, despite being ten years old, it still holds up, and it's pretty damn funny (although, I admittedly have a warped sense of humor). I pitched the idea of self-releasing the story as an e-book to collaborator Ahimsa Kerp and artist Chris Turk, and they gave me the thumbs up, so—bam!—here it is.

I present to you A Good Brew is Hard to Find in its entirety, with active hyperlinks so you can lead the Wench, Captain, and Hunchback in the adventure of their lives. You'll find it to be very much in the vein of Douglas Adams, but a bit naughtier and sillier. Still, with pirates, ninja-vampires, big-headed aliens, a mad alchemist, and ensorcelled beer, what would you expect?

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