Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Con-Volution 2016: My Monstrous Schedule

Con-Volution 2016: The Age of Monsters is this weekend, I'm excited to be participating in a whopping five panels. This will be my first time attending Con-Volution, located in San Francisco, California, and I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting a lot of great new people.

If you'll be in attendance, please flag me down and say hi. Here's the schedule of the panels I'll be appearing on. I'm stoked to chat about the making of monsters, and particularly Saturday's panel, "Fear of the Other," which should touch upon some important issues in the genre (and the world) right now.

Worldbuilding: The Monstrous Element

Friday 21:00 - 22:30, Parlor 2021 (Hyatt Regency SFO)

Including monsters and inhuman creatures in your fiction Worldbuilding.

Steven Savage, Juliette Wade (M), ElizaBeth "Lace" Gilligan, Melissa Snark, Garrett Calcaterra, Anne Bishop*
*Convention Guest of Honor

How "Scary" is Science?

Saturday 10:00 - 11:30, Parlor 2036 (Hyatt Regency SFO)

There was a time where things like organ cloning and replacing body parts with plastics were things that fiction writers used to fuel thrills and chills; now we're seeing these medical marvels come true.  Are they still scary, or have we moved on?

Garrett Calcaterra, J. L. (Jim) Doty, Laurel Anne Hill, Kevin Roche (M), Heidi Stauffer

Building a Better Monster: The Nuts & Bolts of Monster Physiology

Saturday 17:00 - 18:30, Boardroom IV (Hyatt Regency SFO)

It may seem like the more tentacles and claws, the scarier the monster, but when it comes to writing a monster worth it's scales, sometimes less is more. Or is it? We'll discuss!

ElizaBeth "Lace" Gilligan, Tyler Hayes, Garrett Calcaterra (M), Pat MacEwen

Fear of The Other

Saturday 20:00 - 21:30, SandPebble B (Hyatt Regency SFO)

 Horror from previous generations draws much of its power from the fear of the Other. In some cases the other is an unknowable being, a cosmic terror, but just as often it's not, referencing instead more mundane distinctions between us and them. How problematic is the use of the Other to engender fear? Has fear of the Other led to some of the challenges genre faces today relative to inclusiveness and equality?

Lillian Csernica, Juliette Wade (M), Garrett Calcaterra, Gregg Castro t'rowt'raahl Salinan/rumsien Ohlone, Sumiko Saulson

Who Threw Away the Monster Compendium?

Sunday 14:00 - 15:30, SandPebble D (Hyatt Regency SFO)

When was the last time a zeitgeist novel had a bugbear or a cockatrice? How long is it since someone fought giant, flesh-eating beasts instead of pikemen? Where did all the monsters go? With quest plots out of fashion, deus ex machina ditched, treasure-hunting too economically dull, and stories about ethics instead of enemies, is the monster still relevant in today’s fiction?

Mark Gelineau, Garrett Calcaterra (M), M. Todd Gallowglas

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