Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A New Home for the Blog

So hey, it's been 9 years of blogging here, and I've at long last moved the blog's permanent home to my official website, www.garrettcalcaterra.com. You can go directly to the blog home page for The Machine Stops here: www.garrettcalcaterra.com/blog.

I'll be maintaining this Blogger-hosted URL as an archive of all my old posts. I recommend using the navigation to the right to sort between author interviews, reading recs, and SF/F history, or you can search by other keywords and topics, of course.

Also, please make sure to check out my first blog post on the new site, which commemorate my 9 years here with a comprehensive list of the best posts so far. Moving forward, expect to see more great interviews, art showcases, and writing updates at the new blog home. Hope to stay in touch with you there. Cheers!

-Garrett Calcaterra