Monday, January 11, 2016

An Interview with Thriller Author Mia Thompson

One of the coolest things about being an author is having the opportunity to meet other authors. Mia Thompson is one of the authors I've been fortunate enough to get to know. She's author of the internationally bestselling Sapphire Dubois series, which includes the novels Stalking Sapphire, Silencing Sapphire, and Sentencing Sapphire. She also happens to have the same agent and publisher that I do.

I'm continually blown away by Mia, not only because she's a great writer, but because she was born in Sweden and English wasn't even her first language. The fact that she writes about serial killers is pretty cool, too.

Garrett: We’ll get right to the good stuff. Where did your fascination with serial killers come from?

Mia: I write about things that perplex me, and evil does. I have a hard time comprehending where it comes from, and why it evolves in some while not in others, so I write about it to try and understand it.

Garrett: Any chance that you’ll delve into supernatural horror in future books?

Mia: Supernatural, yes! I have a book plotted and planned in that very genre. Horror, no. Years ago, I tried to write a horror story about a haunted kindergarten. It creeped me out so badly I couldn’t sleep, so I swore to myself I would never attempt it again.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wulfram: Cheap as Free

Happy new year!

I'm excited to announce that Wulfram, a prequel ebook that ties into Dreamwielder, is super cheap all January long. Like free cheap. There is one catch, of course. You need to to sign up for my mailing list on my website, Okay, you don't actually have to sign up to download the book for free. Since I'm nice, here's the cheat code (aka the direct link to where you can download the ebook files for free):

I do ask, pretty please with a cherry on top, that you sign up for the mailing list, though. I promise not to sell your info to a pharmaceutical company marketing genetically engineered flying monkeys that are guaranteed to be toilet trained but really aren't. Pinky swear.

All you'll get from me is an occasional newsletter announcing new releases of mine and whatever else worthwhile I have going on (probably not much). So yeah. Download your ebook for free, before it goes on sale at Amazon (not for free), and sign up for the email newsletter if you want.

That's about all for me. I'm about to go into heavy research mode for my new book project, but no spoilers yet.

-Garrett Calcaterra