Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dreamwielder Ebook Sale and Writing Updates

Good News. Diversion Books has put the ebook version of Dreamwielder on sale for only 99 cents through September 13, so if you've been holding out for a good deal, now's the time to go for it. That price should be valid at all ebook retailers. For your convenience here are some quick links:


Even if you've already read Dreamwielder, please help spread the word. Sales like these are a great way to lure new readers to the works of emerging authors like myself. Low risk, high reward, I like to say. On top of that, 99 cent sales are a great way to climb the rankings on ebook retailer websites, which in turn attracts even more readers in a snowball effect. So yes, please share, share, and share some more. I'll be happy to return the favor, even if it means coming to your house to do a live reading or whipping up something for you in the kitchen!

It's been a while since my last post, so here are a few more miscellaneous updates:

  • Souldrifter got a great write-up in the Mountain Democrat, here, with some original quotes from me and a little biographical info about where I grew up and went to high school.
  • Dreamrush got a great, story-by-story review from According2Robyn. (By the way: Keep an eye on Robyn Bennis. She's an author with her debut novel coming out from Tor books next year.)
  • I've started work on a new stand-alone novel tentatively titled The Beasts of Qaza. The book will be a mashup of fantasy, steampunk, and lost world adventures.
  • Prior to starting in on the new novel, I wrote a tie-in short story called "Twelve Generations of Woolies for a Mine." I'll have publication information for that in the coming months.
  • I'm also in the process of planning book 3 in The Dreamwielder Chronicles. I could say that means I'm writing two novels at once, but unless I discover a way to clone myself, realistically that means I'll need to finish the first draft of The Beasts of Qaza before starting in on Dreamwielder 3
  • Lastly, a bit of very sad news. I lost one of my furry muses last week. Jager dog was my stalwart companion for the last twelve years. He was there as I finished up my MFA and my very first novel. He was there when I wrote my first short story to ever get published. He was there when I wrote Dreamwielder and Souldrifter, and while he enjoyed a good nap in my office while I wrote, he was equally eager to drag me out of the house to go on hikes and other great adventures. He will be sorely missed, and never forgotten. 
RIP Jager dog...

-Garrett Calcaterra

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