Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Doings

Dreary, rainy weather inspires me to read and write, but I somehow always manage to be more productive in the Spring than in the winter. Seems a little cliche, what with all the spring "rebirth" symbolism and what have you, but there you have it. I'm a busy bee when it comes to writing in the spring.

Here's a quick recap of what's going on.

  • FOGcon was great. I read from Souldrifter, participated on two panels, and got to meet all sort of wonderful people. FantasyLiterature.com wrote up a nice recap, if you're interested, and it even includes a picture of me. 
  • I wrote a guest post over at The Book Stops Here called "The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novels that Inspired The Dreamwielder Chronicles."
  • I have a new novella that will be coming out soon in an anthology from Cold Fusion Media called Redneck Eldritch. My story is called "Lake Town" and is loosely based on the region where I grew up, with a good bit of Lovecraftion horror added to it, of course. You can catch updates on the anthology and sneak peeks from some of the stories in the anthology at the Cold Fusion blog.
  • I'll be participating in a panel discussion on Dashiell Hammett and The Maltese Falcon at the San Leandro Library this coming Friday evening. If you're in the area, stop by to check it out and say hi. Should be a lively discussion. More details here.
  • I've decided to shelve my novel-in-progress, Remember the Future. It's simply not speaking to me like it was a couple of years ago, and I have new project in the early stages of planning that I'm much more excited about...
  • No details yet on the new novel-in-progress, but I can promise it's a high-concept spec-fiction novel that will improve upon the best parts of all my writing thus far. If you have a burning curiosity and just have to know what the book (might) be about, keep an eye on my profile over at Goodreads. My updates and "Currently Reading" list should lend some insights into what I'm researching in this early planning stage. 
That's all for now. I have a full-plate of writing and research to do, and the birds and squirrels making shenanigans out back have me inspired.

-Garrett Calcaterra

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