Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Find me at Wondercon 2015

WonderCon 2014 was the last convention I attended. :(
Between getting engaged, getting married, moving, and writing Souldrifter all in the last twelve months, I haven't gotten a chance to attend any conventions or conferences in quite a while, so I'm excited to attend this year's WonderCon as a professional attendee. Here's the panels I'm hoping to catch. If you'll be attending too, follow me on Twitter for live updates throughout the weekend and make sure to introduce yourself and say hi..Despite my grizzly-bearded visage, I promise I won't bite!

WonderCon 2015. Anaheim, California. April 3-5.


12:30-1:30 Comic Arts Conference Session 1: Supeheroes before Superman. Room 210. I didn't even know there were superheroes before Superman and the Golden Age of comics, so this should be
an interesting one (assuming I can get myself out of the house and to the convention center on time).

1:45-2:45 How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry. Room 300AB. As a writer and teacher, I'm always interested in what it's like writing for alternative mediums.

Nothing else really jumped out at me on the schedule for Friday, so I'll probably just mull about on the main floor after the two panels. If you have recommendations for Friday, let me know here in the comments or on Twitter.


11:30-12:30 Authors of Fantasy Fiction. Room 208. This is the only panel that is must see for me. The panelists will include authors Arwen Elys Dayton (Seeker), Todd McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern series), Naomi Novik (Temeraire series), and Greg Van Eekhout (California Bones).

2:00-3:00 Comic Arts Conference Session 7: Geek Culture in Therapy. Room 210. I'm always interested in how to incorporate "non-academic" material into teaching, so this should be an interesting one.

3:00-4:00 Censorship in 2015. Room 209. I have a gig later this night with my band Wheel House, so I'm not sure how late I'll be staying at the convention, but I'll try to hit this one up. There's also an Edgar Rice Burroughs panel at 4:30 that looks awesome, but there's no way I'll be able to attend it. If anyone checks it out, please let me know how it goes.


7:30-10:00 Wheel House live at the Streamliner Lounge. All ages. My band Wheel House will be performing Saturday night in nearby Orange, California, so if you're attending the convention and are looking for something fun to do that night, come check us out. We play a dirty concoction of rock, blues, and funk.


Saturday nights are too much fun, so I don't do conventions on Sundays, but rather opt for donuts and coffee in the comfort of my own home where I have control of the light and noise levels. If you attend on Sunday, please let me know how it goes!

-Garrett Calcaterra

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