Friday, October 11, 2013

Find Me at the Big Orange Book Festival

If you live in the southern California area, you should come check out the Big Orange Book festival this weekend, located at Chapman University in Orange, California. I will be moderating a panel on Sunday at 12:30 pm called Making a Career in Writing, and the panelists will include an amazing cast of writers:

  • Bruce McAllister—acclaimed SF/F author and writing coach
  • James Scott Bell—suspense/thriller author; author of the #1 bestseller for writers, Plot & Structure; former fiction columnist for Writer's Digest; and author of the Mallory Caine zombie legal thriller series, written under the pen name K. Bennett
  • Terri Nolan—mystery author, who by some odd coincidence is represented by the same literary agency as me, Kimberly Cameron & Associates

In addition to my panel, there will a lot of other great authors and panel discussions going on over the weekend, which will include the likes of Kim Stanley Robinson, Raymond Feist, Tim Powers, and James P. Blaylock. Here's a highlight of the some the panels I'll be checking out. For the full schedule and maps and directions, check out the official BOB website. If you can make it to the festival, make sure to come say hi and introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you.

Where You'll Likely Find Me...


I Spy Sci-Fi
Location: Argyros Forum 209
This panel will feature science fiction authors Raymond E. Feist, Michael Cassutt, Tim Powers and Austin Grossman with moderator James P. Blaylock.

Who Dunnit Mystery Panel
Location: Irvine Lecture Hall
Discover a new favorite whodunit. The panel will include authors Gordon McAlpine, Dianne Emley and Jack Martin with moderator Mary Platt.

(Sadly, I won't be able to able to catch this one since it's at the same time as the SF panel, but if you like mysteries, do go check this one out. Gordon McAlpine was my main fiction instructor and mentor during graduate school and he has some great new YA mystery books out. -GC)

Avengers Screening with Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann
Location: Memorial Hall
The Saturday evening showcase will feature a discussion with Marvel editor Bill Rosemann followed by a screening of Marvel’s Avengers.


Semi-Memoir Panel: Fact vs. Fiction
Location: Fish Interfaith Center
Discover the intricacies of turning fact into compelling fiction with authors Lan Cao, David McCabe, and Luis J. Rodriguez, with moderator Melinda J. Combs.

(Melinda Combs is a great friend of mine, and member of the Biscuits writing group. -GC)

Kim Stanley Robinson
Location: Memorial Hall
Award-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson will discuss his bestselling novels including the Mars trilogy and his latest novel 2312.

Making a Career in Writing
Location: Argyros Ballroom
This panel will include young adult author Bruce McAllister, mystery author Terri Nolan and suspense/thriller author James Scott Bell with moderator Garrett Calcaterra.

-Garrett Calcaterra

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