Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Midlister City, Here I Come!

Sadly, the Dreamwielder Ketchup
promo did not catch on...
So it turns out promoting a new novel, teaching six classes, playing in a rock and roll band, and trying to write a new novel keeps you pretty damn busy. I’m not complaining, though.  If I keep it up at this rate, I should be able to pay off my student loans in 22 years.  Huzzah! But seriously, all joking aside—well, I’m not kidding about the 22 years to go, just joking about it, because otherwise I’d have to curl up into a little ball and cry myself to sleep—but yeah, all joking aside, I’m happy to be busily working and things do seem to be looking up.

After riding a Barnes & Noble Nook First Look selection up into the top 200 bestsellers, Dreamwielder has settled comfortably
at a respectable ranking. Ditto for Amazon sales. It’s not exactly flying off e-book shelves, but people are buying it, and I even received my first legit fan letter. I’d like to give a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who took a chance on a little known author and bought the book, and also to everyone who has helped spread the word. Please keep it up. If you enjoyed Dreamwielder, the nicest thing you could do for me is to recommend it to a friend.

Another bit of good news is that Dreamwielder is coming out as an audio book through  You can check it out here. It clocks in at a modest 10.5 hours and is narrated by Luci Christian Bell. Beyond that, I’ve been a busy bee doing guest posts and generally being a nuisance online. Here’s a recap in case you missed anything. In the meantime, I’m off to get to work on that new novel!
-Garrett Calcaterra

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